Our flag carries American ideas,

American history, and American feelings.

It is not a painted rag.

It is a whole national history.

It is the Constitution.

It is the Government. It is the emblem of

The sovereignty of the people.

It is the Nation.

-Henry Ward Beecher, 1861



Our flag has forever inspired deep feelings, especially of love of country.

Its history tells the story of America itself and has survived over 200 years,

world wars and times of crisis.  On 9-11, the flag was an awe-inspiring

symbol of hope and pride.  Though tattered and dirty flying above the

rubble of the World Trade Center, it demonstrated to us and to the world

that it-like our country-would prevail.


The Kiwanis Clubs of El Paso are proud to spearhead a

vital campaign and encourage you to join us in our goal to make

“El Paso – America’s Most Patriotic City.”

For further information, call 915-833-2269

or email info@starsandstripesdaily.org