The History of Kiwanis in El Paso                                   

    The 1st El Paso Kiwanis Club was established in 1918. Our club was the the 38th club established in the United States. Now, worldwide, there are over 600,000 members in 98 countries dedicated to improving the world one child at a time.


                    A few of our major El Paso accomplishments:

    • started the Sun Bowl in 1935.
    • started the 1st juvenile detention center in Texas in 1948 and for the 1st time separating the adults from the juveniles under incarceration.
    • instrumental in starting Crime Stoppers of El Paso in 1978.
    • we sponsor incentive programs for the kids of El Paso in area schools.
      • Terrific Kids
      • BUGS (Bringing Up Grades)
      • High School Key Clubs (emphasizing community service and leadership)
      • University Circle K Clubs
    • El Paso city-wide American flag program striving to make El Paso the most patriotic city in America.


    For a more detailed description of Kiwanis and our history please click here.